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Our Story

WeWoodWear - Wooden Sunglasses and Watches

Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination. Our journey starts with sourcing the most sustainable and natural resources, when it comes to manufacturing our products. Every little bit our of products, is carefully planned and precisely handcrafted, to provide the highest quality products.

Wooden Watch For Women

Our mission is clear - to inspire people to start making more responsible choices in their life, even when it comes to sunglasses or jewelry.  A team of young, like-minded people, that care about the environment and would like to help the fight against plastic pollution first created a zero waste shop One Planet Zero, to help people live better, by throwing away less. With WeWoodWear, we have taken our environmental journey to the next level.

Wooden Sunglasses

This is our journey and we would be thrilled if you join us.

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